Museo Archeologico di Orbetello

The first rooms showcase the numerous Etruscan, Roman and medieval relics found in the course of a century all over the territory of Orbetello.

You’ll find plenty of detailed information and educational tools, as well as reconstructions of ancient Roman houses and artifacts that recreate the daily lives of these ancient civilisations.

Keep an eye out for the incredible relics from the Etruscan necropolis Isthmus and the beautiful collection of tombs and votive offerings taken from Talamone.

The museum is also the permanent home of the world famous  Frontone di Talmone – one of the best preserved examples of Etruscan-Hellenistic art in the world. The frontone was made in the 2nd century BC and depicts the bloody end of an Ancient Greek myth. It adorned a temple in Talamone.

Once you’ve finished exploring the splendour of Orbetello’s ancient history, pop into the rooms that display the weapons and agricultural tools collected from the Army Corps of Engineers during the 19th and 20th century.