semproniano-sagraFesta della Panzanella

First two weeks of August

Panzanella is a bread salad made with sliced bread, tomatoes, basil, olive oil and vinegar. It’s a Tuscan delicacy and, as far as Semproniano‘s locals are concerned, no one makes it better than them.

Which I guess is why they hold this annual event to honour a not-so-humble salad. Admittedly, you really have to like soggy bread in salads to like panzanella, but that’s no reason not to include this lively event in your itinerary.

For starters, the weather is always beautiful in Semproniano during this time of year and the community really comes alive. It’s not just about the salad, it’s really more about taking some time to remember their roots with traditional music, variety shows and endless stalls of handicrafts and local delicacies.

It’s also a great chance to experience the local spirit of the Maremma and get to know the people that make it such a paradise.

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