scarlino sagra-marrone

Sagra del Marrone e del Porcino

Second last weekends in October

The Sagra del marrone e del porcino in Scarlino is two weekends’ worth of incredible food.

Naturally everything you taste on these weekends is homemade, local and delicious, but there are two guests of honour, the namesakes of this festival, that make an appearance in almost every dish – the chestnut and the porcini mushroom.

In Monte Amiata, both products are I.G.T, which means they’re of the highest quality. This festival is a chance for them to shine in beautifully prepared local dishes like porcini risotto and chestnut flour pancakes. So rest easy in the very capable hands of Scarlino’s chefs and make sure you try everything on offer.

Along with the gastronomic stands, the festival always has acoustic music concerts, colourful stands of artisan goods and chestnuts roasted in a huge bonfire in the middle of the main piazza.

This sagra is a great provincial tradition and a great chance to try some true local delicacies for next to nothing.