Teatro Castagnoli

Teatro Castagnoli is one of the most prestigious theatres in the Tuscan Maremma. Built in 1852, the theatre has recently been restored, bringing out the original splendour of its white walls and red booths.

Scansano was chosen as the location of this beautiful theatre as it was seen as the “capoluogo estivo della Maremma” (summer location of the Maremma) and was where the Grand Duke of Grosseto and other wealthy Grossetani spent their summer holidays.

It was named after Filippo Castagnoli, a notary who generously gave the theatre the money it needed to finish the interiors in 1860. Since then, the theatre has hosted an array of locally and internationally produced musicals, operas and concerts and continues to do so today.

To find out what’s playing when you’re visiting, pop into Scansano’s tourist information centre in the Palazzo Pretorio.