Santa_Fiora_sante_Flora_e_Lucilla_002Pieve delle Sante Flora e Lucilla

Finished in 1142, but restored in the mid-15th century and completely renovated in the late 18th century, the Pieve delle Sante Flora e Lucilla is Santa Fiora‘s parish church.

The simple stone facade is divided into two parts by a horizontal frame, a Renaissance portal and a very Gothic eye, which sits below the crest of the Aldobrandeschi, who ruled Santa Fiora in the 12th century.

Inside, the church is divided in three naves separated by semicircular arches. Here you’ll find a collection of stunning Della Robbia pottery from the 15th century. The pottery is made of brilliant white marble that sparkles and is filled in with bright blues and greens. They capture a number of saints and cherubs in incredibly realistic detail.

You’ll also the ‘Incoronazione della Vergine’ and ‘le Stimmate di San Francesco e San Girolamo’, which is decorated with garlands of leaves, fruits and flowers (above).