La Peschierasanta-fiora

Built for the Aldobrandeschi family, this park is unlike anything you’re likely to see in other parts of the Maremma.

It’s located on the outskirts of Santa Fiora and was once the main water source for the town. But no one goes there to stare at the water. They go there to admire the vast 15th century park that the Aldobrandeschi built and filled with overgrown pines, cypresses and chestnuts.

At the park’s heart sits a huge stone tank that’s home to local fish species, such as the carp and trout, and few errant exotic breeds that have managed to thrive over the centuries.

The park was a calming place to sit and think for the 15th century Aldobrandeschi women, and it remains so today, although the royal visitors have been replaced by more modest locals and tourists who just want to relax and enjoy the silence.

A gold coin donation is appreciated as an entry fee