sagra-del-marrone-santafiorese-santa-fioraFesta del Marrone

Last week of October

Another food festival, this time dedicated to the much-loved local castagna (chestnut) of Monte Amiata. During this event, visitors can once again enjoy dishes local to Santa Fiora and this part of the Maremma in general.

Chestnuts are, admitedly, quite an acquired taste, but the locals know how to cook them and cook them well. For a few euros you can savour fluffy chestnut breads and cakes, wrap your tastebuds around rich stews and sauces and eat your fill of chestnuts slowly roasted over an open fire of local and heavily scented wood.

Like any festa in the Maremma, the Festa del Marrone is not only about the food. Every event held in this tight knit community is about bringing everyone together for a day or couple of days of fun and festivities. It’s a chance to pull out that rarely worn finery and have some fun.

The event always has a few games and treasure hunts for the kids. For big kids, there are raffles, wine tasting competitions, stalls selling arts and crafts and, of course, plenty of music and dancing.

Vistors can also go on guided tours to see how the prized chestnut is collected in the surrounding forests and processed according to ancient traditions.