Festa del Fungo Amiatino

First and second week of October

Already in its 30th+ year, this traditional festival celebrates and promotes the delicious Amiatino mushroom, letting it take pride of place in the local Santa Fiora cuisine for a couple of weeks.

Held in the small town of Bagnolo, this festival never fails to draw a great deal of attention and visitors. Whether you like mushrooms or not, it’s hard to resist the alluring scent of lovingly homemade fungi risottos, pastas, sauces and the divine local version of mushrooms on toast – it’s so good, you will dream about it at night!

But while mushrooms might be the stars of the show, they do have some great support acts in the form of art exhibitions, mycology conferences, competitions, games and mushroom collecting expeditions.

Also keep an eye out for the highly anticipated porcini tasting. Like a fine wine, this variety of mushroom is sacred to the region and is artfully tasted by a panel of experts before the best grower is crowned the winner.