End of October

Gustatus is one of, if not the biggest, gastronomic festival in the Maremma. In Latin Gustatus means ‘The Sense of Taste’ and this festival attempts to give locals and visitors just that.

Traditional Orbetello peasant and lagoon fare takes centre stage during this festival.

Passionate lovers of their cuisine, Orbetello’s locals come together with restaurants and farmers to set up stalls that showcase the best food and wine grown and produced within the region, including the much-coveted spaghetti alla bottarga.


Bottarga is the roe pouch of tuna or grey mullet. This so called ‘poor man’s caviar’ is delicious and highly prized in the area.

Fisherman collect kilos of bottarga each year, dry it out using traditional smoking methods and sell it to supermarkets all over the globe.

The dried fish is then shaved lightly over pasta dishes, a bit like truffles. The flavour is similar to truffles too in that it’s bold, earthy and a little goes a long way.

There is nothing better to do during Gustatus than walk through the streets of Orbetello gorging yourself on the many local delicacies being offered at the various stalls.

When you’re stuffed to the brim and can’t possibly eat anything else, you can take a break and admire the arts and crafts stalls and demonstrations.

Much more than your local knitting, these handicrafts recreate the knowledge and traditions of the past.

For more info: check out the official Gustatus website