Paul Fuchs Garden of Sound

Located in Boccheggiano, nearMontieri, this garden is an oasis lost in time, creating art not just for the eyes, but also for the ears.

Paul Fuchs is a Bavarian sound artist who has exhibited his work all over the world. While his collection in this garden is still small, Paul sporadically adds and detracts pieces when the mood strikes him.

You’re probably wondering why Paul decided to move to the Maremma to exhibit and create his works. It’s a simple case of love. He fell in love with the quiet Montieri countryside and decided to set up his artistic legacy around his country villa.

In my opinion, he picked the perfect spot, not that I’m an expert or anything! But if I was going to set up a sound garden, I’d want somewhere quiet and tranquil where everyone could hear my creations properly.

Paul’s art moves with the wind to create a veritable symphony of sounds that he describes as an evocative and original language.

These engineering masterpieces are mostly made out of iron, bronze and steel, and are in direct contrast to the soundless wooden and stone sculptures, which also fill the garden, but were made before Paul even bought the property.

Channeling the art historian inside of me, Paul’s garden engages in a dialogue with the Tuscan countryside, so that while the sculptures are made from urban materials, they are able to connect with their surroundings.

It’s a beautiful garden, although you have be able to appreciate the architecture and poetic nature of the pieces to truly enjoy them.

This is probably the most technical of the art gardens in the Tuscan Maremma. I love it because it takes the serenity of the region and adds an almost alien-like quality through unexpected sounds and shapes.

Not a great place for kids, just because they might get bored, but a fantastic stop for lovers of modern sculpture art.