Parco Archeominerario di Montieri

This is Montieri‘s entrance point into the Parco Nazionale Tecnologico Archeologico delle Colline Metallifere Grossetane.

Like the gate at Gavorrano, this section of the park has all the things that make the territory so beautiful.

In an effort to preserve the mining and metallurgical history that once dominated this area, Montieri joined forces with various archeologists and natural historians to create a series of hiking and biking tracks throughout the park, which can be enjoyed by tourists all year round.

The park itself is spectacular. The otherwise tranquil countryside is accented every couple of metres by tall rock cliffs. You almost feel like you’re on the moon!

Scattered around the park is a collection of open mines. These can be visited on guided tours – check at the visitors centre for information.

This park is probably going to appeal most to those who love anything underground, and trust me, these people exists, my husband has been to every underground mine in the area!

The countryside is also quite beautiful and the park’s curators have worked pretty hard to make sure the area isn’t just a bunch of empty mines. There’s always some exhibition on, whether it be a photograph exhibition of past mining activities or a demonstration of local mining culture.