Chiesa di San Francesco

This church was built in the 16th century on the ruins of a pre-existing church in Montieri.

Its salmon-coloured walls and beautiful stained glass windows suggest it’s much younger than it actually is, but that’s just because the front porch was built in 1855, when the entire church underwent major renovations.

Inside is a gallery of works by Monte Amiata painter, Giuseppe Nasini. On the chapel’s right wall is the Immacolata Concezione (last decade of the sixteenth century).

To left of that are two more works by Nasini, one of the Crucifixion made even more dramatic by the impending stormy sky that hovers in the background and the other of St Francis of Assisi with Saints Louis IX of France and Elizabeth of Hungary.

The canvas of St Anthony of Padua and stories of his life is by an unknown painter from the 17th century. The altar draws inspiration from the one in the Cathedral of Siena and is by Baldassare Peruzzi.