monterotondo-1Le Biancane

This nature park preserves the unique geological and climatic conditions found around Monterotondo Marittimo.

The entire park is characterised by white rocks, which are coloured by the hydrogen sulphide emissions that erupt from geysers in the ground and turn the limestone into gypsum.

The Biancane have an unusual, but alluring beauty all of their own. The pools of water boil at a constant temperature of between 100-150°c. The steam and shooting geysers add to the mystical atmosphere, while the geothermal wells are harnessed to produce electricity throughout Grosseto.

The Biancane are part of the Parco Nazionale Tecnologico Archeologico delle Colline Metallifere Grossetane and visitors can explore the area on the short designated trail. The pathway coincidentally begins 10 metres from the town centre.

For more information pop into the tourist information centre on Via del Poggiarello or visit the park’s official website.