600px-Monterotondo_Marittimo_San_LorenzoChiesa di San Lorenzo

The town’s parish church, the Chiesa di San Lorenzo was built in the 17th century. Its faded stone exterior might be a little discouraging, but it’s worth a look inside just to see all of Monterotondo Marittimo‘s religious treasures.

The richly carved timber doors open into a single nave. In one corner, you’ll find the Capella della Misericordia, which is held up by ornately carved ionic pilasters. In the other corner are some 15th and 16th century paintings.

The panel above the church’s altar is entitled Madonna col bambino in trono e angeli. It’s a work by a master 16th century painter known only as the Maestro di Monterotondo Marittimo (Master of Monterotondo Marittimo).

The beautifully coloured 19th century painting near the door depicts the funeral of a young girl in the presence of the members of hospital and is by an unknown artist.

Photo: Alienautic via Wikipedia Commons.