Lago dell’Accesa

The Lago dell’Accesa is located just outside of Massa Marittima.

It’s been inhabited since the Etruscans controlled the Maremma in the 3rd century BC. Not much of their settlement remains, but the local council has set up a small walking trail that allows you to explore the ruins left behind by the Etruscans that lived and worked around the lake.

The Lago dell’Accesa is much more popular as a summer picnic spot than an archaeological site though. The lake is actually a hot spring and its waters are always a somewhat toasty 20°C, which means you can swim even in winter if you feel so inclined. Just be careful, the lake is a lot deeper than it looks.

The Lago dell’Accesa is simply a fantastic place to appreciate the natural beauty of Massa Marittima. The city doesn’t have a lot of places where you can kick back and embrace Mother Nature, so this spot is doubly appreciated by the green-at-heart locals.

Photo: michelinastreghina via Flickr.