Late August

Vinellando is three days of wine and festivities, what could be better than that?

The event begins with wine tasting, an activity that continues throughout the three days, before a randomly picked jury of experts declare the best three vintage Morellino di Scansano wines of the year.

Once the serious business of awarding wines is out of the way, the party can begin.

The three days are filled with free tastings, not just of wine, but of locally produced cheese, fruit, honey, olive oil, saffron and different cured meat – all of which can be bought from the farmers and producers themselves at the many stalls set up around Magliano in Toscana.

And when you’re not eating and enjoying the best wines of the year, you can watch the live music, dancing and cartoonists who walk around drawing caricatures of the crowd.  It’s a hell of a fun festival to a part of, especially if you’re a foodie.

If you’re not, there’s still plenty to do and see, not to mention an unparalleled opportunity to experience Magliano in Toscana at its most liveliest and vibrant.