Palazzo della Podestà

During the period of Sienese rule from the 15th century, Magliano di Toscana was made a “sede di podesteria” – a district administered by a podestà or Chief Magistrate.

This was quite an honour, reserved for only the Maremma’s biggest and most promising cities. To accommodate this powerful figure,  the Palazzo della Podestà was built.

Today this palazzo’s late-medieval facade is embellished by a Sienese inspired archway and the crests of the various podestà.

The beautiful white stone has remained unmarked and still has its original heavy timber doors and shutters.

In Italian history, the podestà was not only the highest officer, but also as a local administrator and the representative of the (Holy Roman) Emperor.

Naturally, he deserved only the best, which is why the Palazzo della Podestà is such a beautiful and impressive building with its high architraves and striking arch windows.

The adjacent clock tower (above) was built along the same time as the palazzo and was used by the podestà to alert the people to important meetings or news.