Museo di Storia Naturale della Maremma

Capturing the natural history of the entire Maremma in a couple of rooms is no mean feat, but this museum makes it look easy.

The exhibitions are beautifully complied and filled with some of the most fascinating natural materials found on the earth, which isn’t such a surprise if you consider just how diverse and unique the morphological characteristics of the Grosseto territory are.

Don’t worry there are plenty of informational panels too, just in case you’re no geologist.

This museum embraces the love Grosseto’s locals have for the beautiful landscape, flora and fauna that surrounds them and is divided into two parts.

The first part takes a more classic style, chronologically explaining the science behind the vast collection of minerals, flora and fauna.

The second part then explains it all in a far more interesting and easy to understand way. Here the local habitats and ecological relationships are lain out for visitors through panels, showcases, dioramas, multimedia workstations.

Most of what’s on display has been collected by members of the Società Naturalistica Speleologica Maremmana who have walked the territory looking for objects that capture and explain the environmental history of Maremma. Visitors can enjoy the museum and various education activities with or without a guide.