Chiesa_di_San_Pietro_(Grosseto)-Vinattieri-MatteoChiesa di San Pietro

Built in the 12th century, this is Grosseto‘s oldest church.

It sits on an ancient Roman consular road that crosses the city centre.

During the Middle Ages, the church stood at the northern end of town next to the now lost Chiesa di San Giorgio.

Over the centuries, this church has undergone several renovations.

Part of it is from the 15th century, another from the original 12th church, the bell tower is a 17th century work and some of the main frontal facade sections were finished in the 18th and 19th centuries.

This gives the church’s exterior facade a very eclectic and sometimes slightly messy style. Still, the church is one of the few to have all its original bas-reliefs.

These bas-reliefs used to adorn almost all the churches in the region dating from the Byzantine period and early Middle Ages. A bas-relief is a carving on stone pilaster.

The ones on the Chiesa di San Pietro depict plants and human figures, as well as a series of animals.

The interior of the church isn’t much to look at though, so I’d probably only stop and admire the exterior of this church and then move on.

Photo: Vinattieri Matteo via Wikipedia.