The beauty of Giglio Island is only paralleled by the beauty that surrounds it underwater.

Most of the waters around the island can be explored and you don’t have to be a diving expert to appreciate the wonders.

All you have to do is stick your head underwater, with or without a pair of goggles, and take in the array of strikingly coloured fish that live in the shallow reefs.

If you’re itching for something more exotic, you can explore the depths of the sea with or without a diving guide. You might just come across bream, snapper, amber jack, tuna, red gorgons, moray eels, groupers and lobsters – it all depends on how deep you’re willing to go.

The reefs and coral beds around Giglio Island are also the last resting places for a series of ships and archaeological relics.

For more information about diving and snorkelling on Giglio Island, as well as equipment rental, lessons and guides, visit the tourist office in Via Umberto in Giglio Porto. Otherwise pop into the tourist information on the mainland in Porto Santo Stefano.