Diving & Beaches

It’s not hard to find a diving school in Porto Santo Stefano if that’s what you’re itching to do. Just look for the little offices that are dotted along the port’s boardwalk and you’ll easily come across someone willing to take you around the beautiful undersea paradise that surrounds Monte Argentario.

And don’t worry if you’re no diving expert, Porto Santo Stefano is surrounded by dive sites that are perfect for beginners. All you need is a diving instructor and a little patience and you’ll soon be soaking up the splendour that hides beneath the beautiful blue waters.

Here are some dive schools to get your started:

Their websites are all in Italian, but if you email them in English, they should be able to help you. Head to the ‘tariffe’ or ‘prezzi’ page for prices.

The two most popular dive sights around are off Giglio and Giannutri Island. Giglio recently made headlines as the place where the Costa Concordia cruise ship sunk, while Giannutri is a protected nature park above and below the waterline.

If you’re a novice, you can slap on a snorkeling mask, shove your head into the water and see the most amazing rainbow of sea fans, sponges, corals and fish. But if you’re the diving sort, you can explore the wreckage of sunken Spanish ship Anna Bianca and the Turkish ship Nasim. Both are hundreds of years old.

You can even make a day of it by going on an island cruise. Depending on the operator you choose, your trip could include diving and snorkeling gear, as well as lessons and a buffet seafood lunch.

The main companies are:

  • Blue Navy Crociere (Really professional with tours in heaps of languages)
  • Enjoy Tuscany (Their website translation is atrocious, but the tours they organise are great)
  • Break the Weekend (In Italian only, but the best value for money – €50 for a whole day tour)