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Riserva naturale Poggio all’Olmo

This nature reserve is divided between Cinigiano and nearby Arcidosso and covers 434 hectares of countryside.

Really a gigantic slice of perfectly preserved Tuscan countryside, the reserve is a lovely place for an afternoon stroll, and the ideal place for anyone looking to get up close and personal with Monte Amiata’s famed flora and fauna.

The dense forests are crisscrossed by walking and biking trails, and home to foxes, wild boar, owls and the odd badger.

Chestnuts (free for anyone looking for an afternoon snack) and oaks grow side by side brambles of wild roses and orchids, as well as local varieties of rosemary and pine.

In the summertime, the silence is broken by the sound of bees and, funnily enough, wild cats in search of rabbits and hares.

The nature park is open all year round and is truly a bike rider’s, picnicker’s and bird watcher’s paradise.

There are signs that lead you to the entrance of the nature reserve, which is to the left just before you turn into Cinigiano. If you have any problems finding it, pop into the tourist information centre in town and they should be able to help.