Festa dell’Uva

Three days in the first week of October

Cingiano‘s locals love their wine so much that they try their darndest to celebrate it every day. They’re not drunks, they’re just proud of the fine wine this area has been making for centuries – and no event captures this pride, passion and incredible heritage better than the Festa dell’Uva.

Founded in 1966, the festival’s main purpose is to promote the unbeatable quality of the grapes grown in the territory and the unquestionably high quality wines they produce. During the festival, the town’s cellars are opened and locals and tourists alike line up to taste the wines, which are often paired with gourmet snacks made from only the best local ingredients.

But this festival isn’t just about wine. Yes, there are conferences by expert sommelier, a lot of wine tasting, and wine-related competitions, but there’s also a poetry contest, a raffle where you can win local products, talks by high school students about the history of Cinigiano, and glamorous dinners that pair local wines with re-invented culinary classics.

Then there’s the music – cover bands, reggae, dance traditional folk songs, local bands and any other group that can carry a tune!

There’s also a craft market on the Saturday, a travelling show with jugglers and free musicals right in the main piazza.

Simply put, there is so much going on during this festival that you won’t know where to look!

And adamant to go out with a bang, the festival ends with a float parade. More than 100 locals from Molino, Pescina and Cassero dance and sing down the street in period costume. They’re accompanied by beautiful and gigantic floats that have taken all year to make and usually depict famous cartoon characters or scenes from local folklore.

It’s impossible to not get caught up in the fun of a festival that began with the intention of celebrating a fine grape and has exploded in to three days of music, dancing and colour.

The exact dates of the festival change each year, so for more information, check out the Festa dell’Uva website