cinigano maremma tuscanyChiesa di San Michele Arcangelo

The exterior of this parish church is a little bit drab and sure, its red brick facade and bright stone steps do remind you more of a town hall than a religious building.

But don’t be discouraged.

Inside there is the most striking 15th century baptismal font, built out of brick and crowned with arches and a central rose.

The font was built at the same time as the church, and while the church has been renovated over the years, the font has remained untouched as a stoic reminder of the building’s unique architecture.

Across from the font are two elegant altars adorned with some beautiful 17th century paintings. Both by Francesco Vanni, one is called ‘La Crocifissione e i Santi Francesco, Marco e Sigismondo’, while the other is ‘San Giovanni Battista e la Madonna col Bambino che consegna lo scapolare a San Simone’, with ancient Cinigiano as its background.

photo: Michix 2002 via Flickr.