Villa_Sforzesca_Castell'Azzara_(GR)Villa Sforzesca

This beautiful villa sits on the road from Castell’Azzara to Pitigliano.

Alone in what is otherwise a never-ending stretch of green fields, Villa Sforzesca was commissioned by Cardinal Alessandro Sforza in 1576 and its palatial red-rendered facade with white stone awnings speaks volumes of luxury.

Unfortunately, the villa fell into disrepair after the death of Alessandro and is currently being restored to its original splendour by the local government, who plan to transform it into a hotel and museum.

That means that the villa is currently closed to the public, but you can still admire it from the side of the road (like I did!). It’s not the same as getting up close and personal, but it’s still an enjoyable step back into the history of Tuscany. And you can’t miss it. It’s on the only road that leads out of Castell’Azzara.

photo: Matteo Vinattieri via Wikipedia.