Le Arcane Vie dell’Etruria

These ancient Etruscan roads are the archaeological treasures that separate Castell’Azzara from the rest of the Maremma.

In Prehistoric times, these roads led to nearby mines, where archaeologists believe the Etruscans dug for cinnabar (red mercury).

The roads remained hidden until 1963, when archaeologists stumbled upon them and a cave known as the Buca delle Nottole – home to a dark slurry pot and other rough clay shards from the Etruscan age.

Other discoveries including tombs for the poor have also been found in the area, and archaeologists recently unearthed numerous mining tools in the ancient mines.

Visitors can walk the Vie dell’Etruria around Castell’Azzara. The roads are concealed by a lot of undergrowth and aren’t exactly marked, but if you pop into the tourist information centre in nearby Santa Fiora they should be able to tell you where to go[.