Pieve Vecchia

Campagnatico‘s Pieve Vecchia is a rural religious building with a unique shape and simple lines. It was built on top of a Roman cistern from the 2nd century.

To visit it, head downstream from the historic centre, towards the south, near the road that runs along the River Ombrone and into the Agricola della Pieve Vecchia Estate.

The church was built around the year 1000, using the cistern of a Roman villa as a base. Consecrated in 1018, it was dedicated to Sant’Angelo. Over the course of time, it served as a parish for the population residing in the countryside south of Campagnatico.

The risk of malaria drove the residents of the area to the nearby hills and so the church was slowly abandoned. 

Today the Pieve Vecchia looks like a typical rural religious building. It has a cement base that follows the lines of the ancient Roman cistern, which is actually visible.