Campagnatico’s wall and fort

Campagnatico‘s wall was built between the 12th and 13th centuries. It almost completely surround the village, with some exposed sections and other parts that lean against buildings built later.

The fortified complex includes the Aldobrandeschi fortress (13th century) and the watchtower. The walls of the tower are completely covered in stone, with windows that open at different heights. On one side, the tower is set against a high wall, which gives the complex an even more powerful appearance.

Around the tower are some stone buildings, originally part of the complex, which have undergone some changes in the past centuries.

You’re not going to see it and be amazed. A lot of the fortress is really just eaten up by the surrounding buildings, but it’s still a nice sight. 

To get here from Piazza Garibaldi, walk along Via Roma until you reach the walls. Once, the walls were equipped with numerous towers that are still visible, one is now the bell tower of the village’s main church.