Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista

Campagnatico‘s Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista church is an enchanting Romanesque-Gothic building that dates back to the second half of the 13th century.

Next to the town fort, its facade has a round central portal with a decorated lunette and a small rose window.

Inside there are 13th century paintings by Guido di Graziano, which portray the Madonna del Bambino, inspired by the work of Duccio Buoninsegna. The wooden ciborium dates back to the 16th century and there are some frescoes by Cristoforo di Bindoccio depicting the Stories of the Virgin.

It’s a pretty village church that I find mystical and magical. It’s all very simple inside and out, but it stands out in my memory because it has remained almost completely unchanged since the 13th century. That is a very rare thing in the Maremma. It’s probably because this church was so small and so provincial that later bishops didn’t feel the urge to wreck it with the garish pink stucco that was all the rage in later centuries.