Strada Panoramica Monte Argentario

This Panoramic road overlooks the portion of the Argentario Sea connecting the two towns of Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano.

Driving on this road is a unique pleasure, in addition to admiring the beautiful seaside views, you can see a handful of ancient ruins like the 16th century Livido Tower, the Tower of Cacciarella, that of Cala Grande, which has become a lighthouse, the Tower of Cala Moresca and the tower of Cala Piatti.

Continuing along the road in the direction of Porto Ercole, you’ll come the most panoramic part of the road with views of Giannutri Island. Park the car and continue on foot along the path to the right. At the top, you’ll see the remains of a lookout tower and completely unobstructed views of the coast. 

You can continue all the way to Porto Santo Stefano on this road, although the conditions and quality vary greatly. If you’re unsure, ask at the tourist information office for the latest updates.