Arcidosso,_san_niccolò_Matteo-VinattieriChiesa di San Niccolò

The Chiesa di San Niccolò was built in the mid-12th century but like most Maremman churches was completely rebuilt in the 17th century and again during the end of the 19th century. Today it looks like a basilica, divided into three naves with little of its original Romanesque splendour.

The facade is now neo-medieval, designed with a gray masonry stone that can be found all over Arcidosso. The mullioned windows and crown of arches mimic the town’s fortress, while the wooden doors are adorned by a small semi-circle fresco of San Niccolò himself.

The Church di San Niccolò remains Arcidosso’s biggest and grandest church. It has a majesty that almost feels out of place is this humble town, but if you love Romanesque churches, this one will leave you speechless.

Photo: Matteo-Vinattieri via Wikipedia Commons.