Looking for the right place to the try Maremma's local delicacies or have that  romantic dinner date?

The Italians are the maestros of food and there are plenty of dining options to choose from, no matter what mood you're in.

Take a look through our different dining options, and rest assured, we only recommend the best places to eat - the spots where the locals, not cashed up tourists, go.

Top eateries - as recommended by us!



Pizza as it should be, no deep dish or pineapple in sight. This is your guide to the best pizzerias in the Maremma.



Fads come and go, but Italian food never falls out of favour. Here are our top restaurants in the province. 



Trattorie are the eateries of choice when you want to mix with the locals and enjoy a casual setting. These are our top picks. 

Wine bars and pubs


Italian pubs are not like those you’d find elsewhere. The drinks are affordable and the atmosphere is never raucous. Here's our guide. 



Sagre or food festivals are a Maremman institution. Some have been serving the same dishes at the same time each year for decades. This is the best place to try traditional and seasonal dishes at a steal. Sagre are held all year round, but you'll find the most in the summer months.