giardino di daniel spoerriNot something you see in every Maremman town, this sculpture garden is modern art at its finest and most organic. It was founded by Daniel Spoerri in 1991 and includes works by more than 40 national and internationally renowned contemporary artists.

Swiss artist Daniel Spoerri is perhaps best know for his Eat Art Gallery in Dusseldorf, and the artist dedicated much of his career exploring sculpture art through non conventional mediums.

Unfolding over a vast 16ha estate, Spoerri's garden isn't far from Seggiano. But from the moment you walk through the iron gates, you feel as though you've entered the Garden of Eden, and, indeed, Spoerri's garden has been given that nickname in the past.

Stone sculptures of men, animals and other figures are almost hidden between olive groves and chestnut trees, and the effect is astounding. Spoerri deliberately wanted to weave botany and art together to demonstrate that the two forms are inseparable.

Amongst the paths of flowers and trees are works by Eva Aeppli, Jean Tinguelj, Meret Oppenheim, Bermhard Luginbuhl, Pavel Schmidt, Dieter Roth, and other famous artists from all over the globe.

And the number of statues keep growing and growing as artists find inspiration in the beauty of the garden and want to contribute to it.

The gardens also have an exquisite restaurant, accommodation and guided tours in English, French and German for anyone interested.

Opening hours

Address: Localita' Il Giardino, Seggiano
Opening hours: 
1st Apr - 1st Jul: Tue- Sun: 11am to 8pm
1st Jul- 15th Sept: daily, 11am-8pm
15th Sept- 31st Oct: Tues -Sun: 11am-7pm
1st  Nov- 31st Mar: by appointment only
Price: €10 for adults
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Photo: Zyance

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