Photo: Aurelio Candido

Roccastrada has no grand monuments, but is famous for its religious art.

The city blossomed from medieval village to bustling hub for the miners who worked in the copper and silver mines.

It's a great spot to stop and stretch your legs before continuing your journey through the Metalliferous Hills.

While you're admiring mountain views and peaceful lifestyle, visit the Chiesa della Madonna delle Grazie on Via del Convento to see some beautiful 16th century frescoes.

Roccastrada is the capital of a municipality of really small, but characteristic towns.

Photo: Montemassi by aurelio candido via Flickr. Slideshow: Ligadue and Alienautic via Wikipedia Commons.

Visit these neighbouring towns


From mining village to prison camp, Ribolla has had one of the Maremma’s most fascinating histories and has preserved much of it.


For a real taste of Maremman mountain life, I wouldn’t recommend anywhere other than Sticciano – a quiet and picturesque town with plenty of character.


The magnificent Castello di Montemassi has been fought over for centuries. And when you see it, you can understand why.


Palio di Roccatederighi


14 August

One of the Maremma’s oldest palios, this donkey race dates back to 1295 and still follows the same medieval rules.