Campagnatico is a picturesque country town with a religious history that’s hard to top. It has held a special place in the hearts of religious followers during every period of Catholicism – and has the churches to prove it.


Despite being extemely close to Vetulonia and Roselle, Gavorrano has no record on any Etruscan presence. But with more history than they know what to do with, the locals here don’t let that get to them!

Massa Marittima

The jewel in the eye of the Maremma, there are few places in Italy as splendid as Massa Marittima – just ask the locals, they’ve been carving out their own cultural and historical oasis here for centuries.


Monterotondo Marittimo is a sleepy medieval town whose roots can be traced back to 1128. More than 900 years later, it’s hardly changed at all, much to the delight of history fanatics.


Its name suggests it’s all rocks, but in reality this humble little town is a treasure trove of medieval relics and Renaissance buildings that will leave you speechless.


It’s amazing that Scarlino isn’t more popular with tourists. Perched on one side of Mount Alma, Scarlino is a maze of sand-coloured houses that meander down the side of the mountain in between two vast oak-filled forests.


The people of Montieri have dedicated the last couple of decades trying to alert tourists to the splendour in their backyard and it’s starting to work. This gorgeous town has everything going for it: beautiful scenery, beautiful monuments and a local cuisine that’s hard to forget.