grosseto-museolabThis is very revolutionary exhibition space is part museum, part laboratory - as it's name suggests.

It might not sound too enthralling, but it actually is. In the past 20 years, Grosseto has had its fair share of archeological digs in its city and surrounding countryside.

This museum documents those digs.

The first floor reconstructs daily life in different eras of the Maremma from the Middle Ages right up to the 16th century Medici.

Descriptive panels, photos, diagrams and miniature little cities are accompanied by stories from the archaeologists themselves.

It's incredibly fascinating. Not only do you get an idea of the tools and technology they used on the digs, but you also get to hear how they discovered what they discovered and how historians believe Maremman history played out.

On the second floor of the museum, the different room displays go into more depth about an archaeologist's life. Various displays and reconstructions explain how archaeology has changed over the decades, as well as the methods Grosseto's local archaeologists use in their laboratory to figure out what age an item is and what happened to it.

Definitely a must for science lovers and a justifiable stop for anyone else who has ever wondered what goes on before a precious and centuries old treasure ends up in a museum.



Opening hours

Address: Ex Convento delle Clarisse, Via Vinzaglio 27, Grosseto
Opening hours: Tues and Thurs: 9am-4pm
Entry Price: free