vivamus festivalLast week of June and the first week of July

Vivamus is a festival for anyone who has ever dreamed of living the Tuscan lifestyle. It’s a taste of the traditions, a chance to experience the emotions and, of course, an excuse to indulge in the food (and wine!) that make this corner of Italy so unforgettable.

It’s a jam-packed eighteen days, but there’s a lot to love about the Maremma and organisers didn’t want to miss anything out!

As well as an excuse to gorge yourself and dance the night away, Vivamus promises to showcase the little things that are unique to the Maremma.

Over the two weeks, locals and tourists alike will be treated to the ‘Maremmano’ style of living in the three centres of the comune di Manciano: MancianoMontemerano and Saturnia, with additional and smaller events in the other nearby towns.

There will be sports activities, pampering and spa treatments, delicious delicacies made from only the freshest local ingredients… and history, recaptured and celebrated with a finesse that comes naturally to the Italians.

That’s more than enough to celebrate!



Tourist office

Inside the museum on Via Italia, Saturnia
tel: +39 0564 620532

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