Don’t miss the digital invasion in the Maremma Tuscany

digital invasione If you've been following social media closely, you might have noticed that Italy is abuzz with excitement and it has nothing to do with the election of the Presidente della Reppubblica (my vote's with Marini in case you were wondering). Instead people have been feverishly tweeting and facebooking, pinning and tumbling and stumbling upon a revolutionary digital and cultural movement called Invasioni digitali. Invasioni digitali means digital invasion. While it's sounds sinister, it's actually just a really fantastic way to appreciate Italy's incredible cultural sites through social media. As you can imagine, it's very a forward-thinking, fresh and creative sort of idea. Something that Italy hasn't really come across before considering that it still usually marketing techniques that were coined in the 1960s. The Digital Invasion runs from 20 April - 28 April. During this time, a network of hundreds of mini-cultural, artistic and historical events will be held throughout Italy. Tourists and locals will be invited to attend the events, most of which are one off and free, and share their experience online and on social media using the hashtag #invasionidigitali. I find the whole thing incredibly intoxicating. An event like this brings together thousands of like-minded people. It doesn't matter where you're from or where you're going, you're invited to be a part of what is an incredible celebration of an incredible country. And we in the Tuscan Maremma are hardly going to be left behind. We've organised six of our own invasioni digitali! Here's a link to a list with all the events. 602139_316640041798161_1386549293_n Three of the events are in towns around my home. They are on: 25 April Montemerano 10:30am at the Show Room di Villa Acquaviva in via Italia A four kilometre hike through the medieval town of Montemerano and its surrounding countryside. 26 April Pitigliano 3:30 at la Piazza Fontana delle Sette Cannelle A guided tour of the Museo Civico Archeologico inside Palazzo Orsini, which houses a rich collection of Etruscan artifacts taken from the archaeological site Poggio Buco, the biggest buccheri vase collection in the Grosseto Province and a number of rarities from the collezione Martinucci. After the museum, the tour continues through the beautiful streets of Pitigliano and ends at the vecchio frantoio Pelliccetti, which is being opened especially for the occasion. 28 April Manciano 10am in Piazza Magenta A free guided tour of the 15th century Cassero Senese castle. This castle is usually closed to tourists and includes a small gallery of masterpieces by Maremman painters and Mancianese natives Paride Pascucci and Pietro Aldi. The tour finishes with a rare all access pass up to the castle tower, where you can get 360° views of the surrounding countryside from Amiata Mountain to the Argentario Coastline and Elba Island (where Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled).  TSMDEF The events in Manciano and Montemerano are part of another edition of the extremely popular Top Secret Maremma festival. The festival plays on one of our basest instincts – that of wanting to stick our noses anywhere we’re not allowed to - by providing one off access to some of the area's most beautiful cultural and historical treasures. This month's edition is all about guided tours. Some of the Maremma's greatest splendours are hidden in its countryside and forests. They're impossible to find unless you know what you're looking for and only half as spectacular if you don't have someone to explain the history and legends of them. From 24 April until 1 May, tourists can go on eight free guided tours through the history, culture and traditions of the Maremman countryside. Each tour ends with extraordinary access to one of the region's treasures like the Chiesa della Madonna del Cavalluzzo in Montemerano. So don't miss out on the chance to make cultural and digital history in the Maremma.

Elisa Scarton Detti

Elisa is an Australian journalist who came to Tuscany for a year, fell in love (how cliché?) and decided to stick around. Not one to keep amazing holiday destinations to herself, she now writes a blog and travel guide about the infinitely beautiful Tuscany.

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