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Thanks for the advice! We are currently looking into staying in Manciano! I am attempting to outline our travel route and have gotten as far as a train from Sienna to Grossetto, but having difficulty in finding the bus routes from Grossetto to Manciano. I read your page about public transport, but wondering if you have any advice in this regards. When I searched the tiemme site, it said that no routes were available… 26. August 2015

Hi Hanna, the bus website is super hard to navigate, but you might have the spelling wrong. Grosseto only has one t smile emoticon Two bus lines go from Grosseto to Manciano, the 41/P and 8/G. You can download the bus timetable from this link:

Hi Elisa, I have a trip booked for Jan. 2016 to Florence while there I ‘m very interested in visiting the Saturnia hot springs. I’m not able to find a train schedule and are you able to give me an idea of travel time. 26. August 2015

Hi! It's a very long trip, so you might want to consider staying a night in Manciano. I'm not sure you can do the entire trip back and forth from Florence on public transport in one day. You need to catch the train from Florence to Grosseto. Then hop on a bus (either the 41/P or 8/G) to Manciano and then catch another bus to Saturnia. You can plan your trip on the Tiemme website, which is unfortunately in Italian, but Google translate can help. Here's the link: You're looking at at least 3 hours of travel if all the various transports line up.  

I just purchased your book and look forward to learning more about the area. The love of my life and I are considering visiting from the 25th of October. I am a retired winegrower and would love to know more about the wines of the area. We love to stay in romantic cottages. Do you suggest looking near the ocean or more inland at that time. Any assistance would be great. We are staying the week before in an airbnb in Rome. Many thanks , Forrest 10. August 2015

I was just about to answer your Ask Me question! Thanks for buying the guidebook. I shipped it out to you this morning, so it should arrive soon. Antinori is definitely a large vineyard, but we have plenty of our own local ones that are just as good. I'm sure you've heard of the Morellino di Scansano. It's our local DOCG wine. We think of it as the rebel version of Chianti. It packs a punch and isn't as delicate or as fancy as other DOCG red wines you might know about. Morellino is the local name for Sangiovese.
As wine lovers, you can't miss out on Scansano and Magliano in Toscana. They are the heartlands of the Morellino di Scansano. As for vineyard, Terenzi is the biggest one here. They do fantastic wine tours, but when you mentioned horses and wine, you made me think of a vineyard/agriturismo/equestrian school that's near my hometown, Manciano, which you might love. The vineyard is called Vini Montauto ( They organise tours and tastings and make a great red wine with Sangiovese grapes.
His wife has an equestrian school/agriturismo that is across the road from the vineyard, which is convenient. It's called Pietriccio Rosso ( The website might not be in English, but they speak good English. They have Arabian horses as well as the local Maremman workhorses, which are beautiful animals.
Another great equestrian school near me is called il capannone ( I mentioned it because it's near a lovely town called Montemerano, also near me, which I know has some gorgeous Air BnB properties that I think you would love. Montemerano is one of Italy's official most beautiful villages and has a lovely atmosphere, considering that you're visiting in October.
You can of course stay near the sea, but along with being quiet chilly, you also risk missing out on a lot simply because most of the locals will have packed up shop for the season. The Maremma's seasides are vibrant from June-Sept, but can be quiet depressing outside of tourism season. In that respect inland is better and you might be able to catch the tail end of some of the wine harvest festivals if you stay around Scansano and Magliano in Toscana. You'll also be very close to our famous hot springs!
A final note, if you're interested in organic wines, we have an organic vineyard called Fattoria La Maliosa, which is the same area. They make entirely bio and organic red and white wines and organise wine tours, I think.
Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi Elisa! Thank you for making this blog, the information is amazing. Am planning a trip in August, and I am trying to figure out how to get from Rome to Saturnia’s Hot Springs. According to Google, there isn’t any public transport from Saturnia’s main area to the hot springs… do you have a link to the yellow buses’ schedule? The previous link on your post is broken. Thank you so much! 17. July 2015

Hi! Glad you love the blog. Of course you catch public transport from Rome to Saturnia. You will need to get the train from Rome to either Montalto di Castro or Albinia station, then catch a bus to Manciano. Our new bus company is called Tiemme Spa and you can plan your journey on their website. Once you're in Manciano, regular urban buses drive straight past the hot springs on their route to Saturnia, the town. These are also run by Tiemme and the bus schedule is displayed at the bus stop in Manciano. It's in front of a bar called Archlecchino! The only issue is that you can't do all of this in one day. Our public transport system is a bit slow, so you might have to consider staying overnight in Manciano. All the best x

Hello, we are 007 Travelers from Finland and we are going to visit Talamone 26th of July 2015. We are hunting James Bond filming locations around the world. Are there any possibilities to get into Villa Le Torre, which was Rene Mathis’s villa in Quantum of Solace (2008)? Br, Mika 17. July 2015

Hi Mika. Unfortunately it's a private villa, which I think they rent out at a very expensive price. You can read about it here... maybe if you email them and ask?

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