The last town on the Maremma-Lazio border, Capalbio looks out onto the Tyrrhenian Sea almost longingly, as if it too wishes it could follow the tide to some unknown land.

Giannutri Island 

Giannutri Island is the biggest jewel in the jewellery box that is Monte Argentario. Park of a nature reserve, the island only accepts a small number of visitors a day.

Giglio Island 

Giglio Island is completely cut off from Tuscany and not just because it’s an island. From the moment you step off the ferry, you feel like you’re in a different country.


Once a busy Etruscan and Roman port, Orbetello is now a picturesque and bustling city on the shores of a spectacular lagoon.

Magliano in Toscana

There are few place in the Maremma with a history like Magliano in Toscana. The town is positively surrounded by centuries’ old archaeological sites and necropolises.

Porto Ercole

It’s amazing how two ports that are so close to one another can be so different. Porto Ercole may be smaller than Porto Santo Stefano, but it’s far more vibrant.

Porto Santo Stefano

Famous for its fishing and even more famous for its seafood restaurants, Porto Santo Stefano is not old, but it’s incredibly beautiful and very posh.


Talamone’s sheer paradisiacal beauty can be summed up by one throwaway fact – it appeared in the James Bond movie Quantum of Solace.



The Argentario Coast has the Maremma’s best beaches. With kilometres of coastline to choose from, you’ll find something that suits regardless of whether you’re travelling with kids or as a couple.

Argentario coastline

The most beautiful section of the entire coastline, at least in my opinion, this promontory is picture perfect and perfectly Tuscan.