amiata-roberto-ferraraIt's hard to imagine, but all of Monte Amiata's incredible and unbelievable beauty is preserved in this nature park. It is the epitome of the tireless work and endless dedication of those who live around the mountain.

It is the fruit of everything they have done to keep human interference away and, more importantly, it is home to hares, foxes, hedgehogs, squirrels, weasels, polecats, deer, badgers and during the winter the endangered Apennine wolf, who has flourished in the tranquil landscape of the park.

The Parco Faunistico del Monte Amiata extends towards Monte Labbro, over 120 hectares of forests and rivers, fields and valleys.

Visitors can take guided tours or tackle the 6km 'Sentiero natura' path by themselves. But beware, the entire thing takes about 3 hours!

Photo: roberto-ferrara via Flickr.

Opening hours

The visitors' entrance is in Arcidosso and the address is Loc. Podere de' Nobili - Arcidosso
Opening hours: Everyday expect Mon from 7.15am until sunset.
Tel: +39 0564 96686
For further info: visit the park's website

See and do

Visitor's Centre of the Parco Faunistico e delle Riserve Naturali

This museum that captures and explains the unique ecosystem inside the park. It's also the perfect place to go if you have any questions about the park, its walking tracks or its flora and fauna.