Modern tourists aren’t the first to marvel in Archidosso’s splendour. This town has been heralded by famous Italian writers from Giacomo Barzellotti to Cecci Angliolieri for centuries.


Perched high on a rock cliff, virtually cut off from everyone else, Castell’Azzara is an extremely tight knit community and you’d be hard pressed to find a more accommodating bunch of locals elsewhere.

Castel del Piano

This town sits on what truly is a natural paradise, surrounded by chestnuts and beeches that fight for your attention with channels of spring water and flora of every colour and specie.


Cinigiano is a town of compromises. It’s not technically in the mountains, despite being watched over by Monte Amiata, and it’s not technically near the sea, despite basking in cool sea winds almost all year round.


Roccalbegna is between a rock and a hard place, literally. This medieval town sits at the foot of two extremely tall, steep cliffs in a part of the Maremma that can only be described as harsh and wild.

Santa Fiora

There is something charming about Santa Fiora. It’s not big, nor is it home to priceless historical treasures. But it’s a town that sticks to simple, genuine traditions and, in this day and age, that’s very appealing.


Seggiano is town passionate about its olives. Sitting high in the Val d’Orcia,it’s surrounded by a rugged mountain landscape and covered in beech and chestnut trees…and of course, olives groves.


At the heart of Semproniano is an austere tranquility. With little more than 200 residents all year round, Semproniano dedicates itself completely to the preservation of its rich history and traditions.

Must See and Do

Monte Amiata mountain

A dormant volcano, Monte Amiata gave its name to this evocative part of the Maremma, but that’s not all. This mountain represents, passionately and completely, the true environmental splendour of the region as a whole and cannot be missed.

Parco Faunistico Amiata

It’s hard to imagine, but all of Monte Amiata’s incredible beauty is preserved in this nature park. It’s the epitome of the tireless work of those who live around the mountain and the perfect place to relax and take in your surroundings.

Winter sports on Amiata

Whether you’re looking to get in some skiing, snow boarding, Nordic skiing or hiking on your Tuscan holiday, you can’t go past Monte Amiata, where you can do all of these activities and more at a really affordable price.